Egyptian Grace


Self-knowledge is a reductive process. Discovery of what one is not allows one to sit more loosely in the essential emptiness of what is. Like the distillation of essential oils, the vehicle of the plant matter is removed to reveal the essential life within. For the moment, my life distillation process has brought me to the place of Egyptian Grace.

In the midst of great change, it became clear that working in the context of the Perfumerie was no longer right activity. Notions once held about all and everything were revealed at their source to be ill founded, leaving me in a state of thorough bewilderment. It turns out bewilderment is not so bad. It has been a truer medium for real transformation than asserted self-definition.

I delight in creating things people enjoy, find helpful – love. To have presence of creative consciousness means more to me than you can possibly know. Finding this out took some absence of doing, and again, the presence of bewilderment. Then one day I made something – a new cream – that I shared and others liked. A lot, in fact. It was based on a recipe known as Egyptian Magic. The original recipe calls for bee made nutritional components – honey, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen brought together into an anhydrous cream with olive oil. I modified this and added more nutritive fixed oils such as jojoba, argan, rose hips, pomegranate, and coconut with great results.

As I considered what to call this formulation, Egyptian Grace presented itself. With this came an unfolding vision of the next manifestation of my work with essential oils. Egyptian themed essential oil perfumes formulated along with a few creams and unguents.

I am not alone in the experience of looking forward to the ritual of using my creams. Yes, wonderful skin healing, de-wrinkling, radiant things happen to the skin. But more than that, there is a particular atmosphere, an experience of rightness that goes beyond skin care. And this is my interest over and above any cosmetic result. The aim is not to anoint the dream, but the essential reality behind the dream.

The ancient Egyptians are considered by many to be the true founders of aromatherapy. Hieroglyphs on the walls of temples document hundreds of recipes, many of them variations on Kyphi, a formulation that was used for healing and ritual. (Kyphi will be among the Egyptian Grace offerings) Formulations on papyrus were found at Edfu, where there was a perfume making lab, used by high priests and alchemists for ritual and healing. Magic and healing went together – rightfully so. The ancient Egyptians put a lot of attention on the sense of smell. They knew of the vibratory effects of essential oils, and their ability to raise atmosphere.  Essential oils activate the pineal gland, thus accessing one’s connection to the divine and the ability to transform negative energies.

The ancient Egyptians lived with strong awareness of death as part of the life cycle. They were given perspective that enabled them to see negative energies produced and perpetuated through past trauma could block them from moving forward in their afterlife voyage. They used essential oils as agents for clearing negative energies, as well as elevating their state of being to be in resonant identification with deities.

Those who formulated these precious aromatics necessarily led disciplined lives. It was not only a question of producing an aromatic, but creating an energetic tool for identification with the divine. Cleanliness as next to godliness was quite literal. The work was consuming for not only did precious and costly ingredients have to be collected, but precise knowledge of how they were to be brought together with exact timing was necessary. Some of these formulations could take as long as a full year to prepare.

Egyptian Grace reflects a way of life. A way of life that moves upstream. Realizing consensus reality as a movement away from origin, the aim here is back into the sun – not the one you tan by. These products are produced in this context. The distillation process of self-knowledge has led to greater emphasis of energetic reality. Removal of the dross yields energy that with skill and training is experienced as an increase of attention and greater awareness. This applied to the creation of helpful tools such as aromatic formulations that align with what the ancients knew about energetic reality will produce effects that no commercial perfume or cosmetic can possibly duplicate.

Following is a list of the products thus far. It is developing gradually as I obtain the raw materials needed to perfect formulations I list below as being up on the board.  Help is needed to launch this in earnest and I would love to hear from you if you are interested in investing in some way.  I will eventually crowdfund once things are in place, such as packaging, and a good video.

  1. Bee Grace – An anhydrous (no water) cream made of highly nutritive fixed oils combined with all the wonderful things bees give us. It is exceptionally healing, soothing, moisturizing, with antibacterial and detoxifying properties.
  2. Essential Grace Cream – A rich moisturizing cream that blends highly nutritive fixed oils (e.g. Rose hips, argan, apricot kernel) with pure essential oils, floral waters and aloe butter. The moisturizing activity in this cream differs from Bee Grace in that floral waters are delivered into the skin, while in Bee Grace, the honey acts as a humectant, attracting moisture from the atmosphere. All of the nutrients are deeply delivered into the skin with the help of fractionated coconut oil. The essential oils include Sandalwood, which has scientifically been shown to activate skin cell healing and regeneration, Somalian Frankincense, Turkish Rose, Geranium, and Jasmine. The healing atmosphere produced is palpable – in fact one client suggested that it can be rubbed over the heart as a means of protection during difficult transactions or while traveling.
  3. Essential Wet Cream – A moisturizing toner with nutritive oils that have been married to essential oils and floral waters. The fine mist can be sprayed on before applying Bee Grace or used alone.
  4. Oasis Wet Cream – A balancing and healing agent with floral waters, nutritive oils, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils chosen for their ability to correct any imbalances of the skin. It is a great night time application that is light but effective.

The following products are formulations up on the board:

Nu Regenerative Cream – A hydrous formulation that will incorporate the bee nutrition,  nutritive oils including Tamanu, Baobab, Marula, and Rose Hips, essential oils of Sandalwood, Rose, and Frankincense, and targeted bio-actives such as a stabilized form of Vitamin C.

There will be 6 essential oil perfume formulations offered to start – Kyphi, Pharaoh, Queen, Blue Lotus, Water Lily, and Ra-Re Sol, a formula with Somalian Frankincense and Myrrh. Eventually formulations will be made specifically for massage and anointing. I will also continue to offer custom blended perfumes but with open emphasis on producing agents of transformation and transcendence. It is high time Grace comes out of the consensus closet.



About gracekellyrivera

I am a perfumer and an artist of multiple disciplines located in California.
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