When the Beloved Whispers

When the Beloved Whispers

Sometimes a painting is taken only so far and left incomplete. I have learned to move on to a new project when the flow has stopped on a piece. The demands of my studio are such that often I can’t return to it for a long time. I have reservations about showing unfinished works, and most of my art remains unseen by others until complete. From time to time I feel pulled to share a work in progress. “When the Beloved Whispers” became one such piece just recently.
My art studio is multi –functional, serving also as a perfumery lab, with a floor I can practice flamenco on. I sometimes have visitors who work with me. Recently my friend was over, saw “When the Beloved Whispers” and really liked it. That current of energy was inspiration to put me back on its trail, despite the focus of work on my large commissioned piece. My eyes can see now in a way they couldn’t see before. My sense is it is actually a part of the flow of the commissioned piece.
I have always had questions about the nature of my reality and how energy flows in it. The questions help me have enough objectivity to experiment, sometimes with disastrous results. There was once when my experiment of showing a piece to someone prior to its completion resulted in it never being completed – it was destroyed accidentally. I ignored my intuition, and did not protect my work space in a healthy way. The person made a remark that ostensibly was light hearted but disparaging. Something about that moment, my open state, the concatenation of events, killed the spark for that art work. This was a valuable lesson.
Recently a friend posted a video with images that gave me exactly what was needed for the creative flow of my large panel, which is destined for a space of sanctuary. That is what feels best being created, works for spaces of sanctuary. As an artist especially of this kind of work, I have to be open and yielding over to creative force, at the same time mindful of the need for boundaries in maintaining the integrity of the flow. There is no set of rules to follow here outside of what right action might be at any given moment. Intuition is the peeling of the right action fruit. There’s a still life for you.
So many visions, so little time.


About gracekellyrivera

I am a perfumer and an artist of multiple disciplines located in California.
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