A little time capsule of my work in progress seems in order. I’d painted a study and a photo of it was taken using my smart phone. A negative impression of the image was made using Pics Art, and this illustrated my last blog post titled “Seeing”.
From the moment I saw the negative impression on the screen I knew creating an actual painting like that was a must. But my first obligation was to complete the large commissioned piece spoken of in my last blog post. This piece will hang in a beautiful meditation center.
Artistic creation requires a good balance of practical discipline and creative freedom. It is sometimes difficult to know what is necessary to strike the balance that will allow flow. As indicated in my last blog post, the meditation center piece which I’ll temporarily call, “The Alleviation of Suffering” is the most challenging painting of my life, treating a deep esoteric subject. My process of “seeing” has been happening in a piecemeal way, and has been very much linked to an inner process of excavation. Revelation happens, but the relationship of the parts I see to the whole picture has not yet presented itself. Consequently there has been heaviness to the work in the studio, seemingly without the momentum of flow. I say seemingly because what has taken place shows that movement can happen deep under the surface.
I sent out a communication to my art clients which included a link to the blog post, “Seeing” with the accompanying negative impression image. The communication made no mention about the image. The wonderful people at the meditation center responded. They loved the image and have commissioned me to render it on canvas. I will be completing “Dancing the Night into Day” first, before their larger commission, just as wanted. How gracious these supporters of my work are, friends of deep generosity.
The fresh force in the studio is like thirst being quenched. And the interesting thing is how the larger piece has been vivified by the movement of work on “Dancing”. This event gave me some useful impressions. There was clarity of vision about doing this painting. Truth is, I felt called to work on the Dancing piece but my sense of obligation to complete the original larger commission kept me bound. There are so many word pictures I can paint here, many cognitions and connections to be found in this little slice of life. Right now all I want to do is mark it, tell whoever is listening, hey, check this out, this happened. In this moment, I am rockin’ the flow of the process.


About gracekellyrivera

I am a perfumer and an artist of multiple disciplines located in California.
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1 Response to Flow

  1. muspelspark says:

    Thank you! Kelly!! I am working on deciding an order for a workshop/lecture/multimedia event with musicians called EXPLORATIONS IN IMPROVISATION, trying to tie together insight into the process for the non-musician, plus a view that wherever you find yourself, there is a place to start and find a path within that is not owned by anyone (externally, that needs to be owned internally if one wants and chooses to take it?). at the same time I hope the workshop will enable by starting with the simplest access points and building blocks, and proceed with elan, verve, panache and dash (just as good improvisation often does), interspersed with “rest” times for short performances by the band, and YouTube videos.

    Anyway, all your comments in these last two blogs have really lifted my spirits. (I’m not alone!!)

    Thank you again for writing Kelly!!


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