Movement Into Heart Intelligence

Movement Into Heart Intelligence

In discussing an upcoming Journey show, I was reminded that there is a distinction between what I am calling heart intelligence and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is applicable to the life of the machine. Having a wide emotional palette might yield a corresponding ability to offer compassion, to transcend one’s own type, and here is where one might begin to resonate with what I am calling heart intelligence. Heart intelligence has to do with the essential self. Real conscience, which is toward the Absolute, over and beyond the call of morals, would be an example of heart intelligence activated.
I will offer an experience that to my view was an expression of heart intelligence. It is a favorite story to tell from my life.
My daughter and I were traveling back home from a trip to New York City. The flight we were on was crowded, and the cabin stuffy. What made it more so was the fact that a toddler two rows up was screaming incessantly, and while the parents did their best to soothe little Emily, it reached a place where they just sat there passively, letting her carry on. This went on at least fifteen, twenty minutes, and the tension in the cabin was palpable. Often a child will cry before winding down and falling asleep – but the wind down was just not happening.
I remember thoughts racing through my mind, associations – among them, the memory of a story about a child at an airport who begged a parent not to go on a plane, screaming, kicking a fuss in a completely uncharacteristic manner. Turns out that plane crashed…the thought seemed to act as a reminder to tune into the body and its surroundings. There were strong impressions of the people around me, the mounting tension and corresponding negative emissions, and suddenly, as if something was pulling me by the scruff of the neck, I found myself standing up. It was as though I was watching from a distance, yet still with enough presence to experience a “WTF?” moment, as my body walked up the aisle to the family. Something in me was operating with complete knowledge of what it was doing – this something acted faster than what my human brontosaurus brain could operate.
I watched my hand ever so lightly rest on the shoulder of the dad, upon whose lap Emily was sitting. It was actually an experience of energy coming into contact with other energy, this hand touching upon his shoulder. The peaceful energy touched Emily, and she immediately stopped crying, staring, as she was being passed over to her mom. I knelt down and asked if they had ever heard of Rescue Remedy? No, they hadn’t. I explained that Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower Remedy formula made of flower waters in brandy. A drop or two even just put on the body or in water would likely soothe her. It was gentle enough for my daughter, and for a sparrow I once helped.

Looking at her daughter, the weary mom explained Emily was having a hard time with the fact that she was not at home in her own bed. In the soft and slightly sing song voice I’ve learned to use with frightened children and animals I looked at Emily and let her know I felt for her, it was indeed very uncomfortable. It was plainly clear at this point that she wanted to know what the heck was going on. No one had communicated to her clearly what was happening, when this discomfort would end. I gently said that it was safe to let herself sleep on mom’s lap, and that upon awakening she would be close to home where she could rest in her own space.

Pulling out my bottle of Rescue Remedy, which I managed somehow to carry on in my purse without hitch post 911, I took a couple of drops under the tongue, showing them it was safe.
Immediately upon taking the Rescue Remedy, I experienced the passengers and crew as being in the middle of my chest – all and everything of my immediate chamber was in my chest. Everybody, myself included, relaxed with the intake of this vibrational medicine – a term that applies to various modalities of alternative healing such as homeopathy. The experience of self was objective and I was just one of many in this configuration responding to the medicine.

Within minutes, Emily was asleep. The next sound we heard coming from her was giggles, after we landed. While waiting to exit, a couple sitting in the next row asked what I’d said to the family, obviously grateful. I explained that I told them about Rescue Remedy. Then as I left the plane, one of the attendants made the comment, “Our savior,” as I walked past. By that time I was just a wine stained rag doll, as Rumi might put it.

Heart intelligence is of the essential identity. Heart intelligence is different from emotional intelligence, and it is useful to have this distinction. There are other concepts that need distinction to be given a work useful understanding. As I was indicating on the last Journey show, a pairing that could stand separation is found between eroticism and sexuality. Erotic energy is spiritual energy. Sexual energy is of the body. Here’s another – self esteem and confidence, confidence is preferred over self-esteem. Self esteem can cross over into self importance readily. Confidence is a thing of source and intent.

I have found movement work to be invaluable in my process of clarification of these matters. With clarification, one is open to more experience of higher functioning. The benefits I continue to enjoy through flamenco practice have been more finely targeted for work purposes in Erotic Spirit Dance. What we call our emotions tend to be manifestations of our moving/instinctive center. Practice that helps the head brain attention focus on movement helps produce the correct circuitry for the higher functioning of the heart and the awakening of its intelligence. We will take a closer look at practices that help in our clarification and the development of our discernment on the next Journey show, this Thursday, May 16, at 6pm PST on GorebaggTV.


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I am a perfumer and an artist of multiple disciplines located in California.
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