The Vital Dance

The Vital Dance

I was once advised to have the fluid ability to hitch a ride on a freight train and arrive at a city where a taxi takes me to an awaiting Lear jet that brings me to a place where I must canoe to my limo which takes me to the bus I ride to the next train station, and so on like that.

In a strange way I see this play out. Each day is its own thing, a creation cycle, a different ride. Sometimes I sense different worlds being traversed in the course of a day. Tendencies present themselves with this awareness, there are preferences. There is also a growing impartiality about preferences. Underneath, at the place of observation, someone grows who I think might be responsible for the occasional solitary bursts of mirth over nothing. All of existence seems coated in this mirth. I could also be going bonkers.
That’s okay, crazy is the way. Through the medium of daily life I see a deeper dance. Trust in that deeper movement grows over belief in the apparent. The hand is put to the pulse of the Tao. The Tao can be inexhaustibly used, yet look or listen for the Tao and it is nowhere found.That’s what I’ve read repeatedly in The Tao te Ching, and it has intrigued me to this place of discovery.

To look for sign and symbol about acquisition in the world is sort of like looking and listening for what is nowhere to be found. To see indication of the Tao’s movement of return in the world is to use it. Seems at times the secret of the dance is with me, and other times not. I get caught in the hypnotic glare of the dream. Before I know it the impulse to acquire has moved me into the realm of spiritual materialism. Fortunately, I don’t get quite as caught up in having gotten caught up. Seems to facilitate greater ease of movement.

I mentioned on the last Journey show that I’d experienced a new relationship to certain circumstances of identification with the dream. I referred to the experience of each frame, bringing things to a very simple level, hovering within the immediate. And each frame is complete, it is sufficient. In this way everything that might’ve presented as a problem in the life of form just worked out. It is a gift to taste this kind of unfolding.
Then comes the hangover from too much desire creeping into that spirit wine. What I am talking about here is wispier than air, yet this reality gives substance to what is substantial. To be with the movement of spirit, to get a sense of the vital dance, we need the medium of form. But the practice is to cease with actions of form. Like Reductionist art, eliminating the unnecessary, there is a balance I seek to strike between the considerations of form and what is essential. At times it seems necessary to follow the direction that desire points to, for that is a part of the vital dance. Yet my intelligence knows desire, anything wanted in time, must be sacrificed.

There is such a thing as elegant rebirth patterning. There is such a thing as skillful movement through desire and non-desire. I can see that the increase of soul delight is at the expense of what the physical eyes might reach for. Rumi says that not until one’s desiring has been kept still for fifty years can they be said to have crossed over. He also says that passion is needed – the throbbing jugular vein will take us further than any intellectual reasoning. Spirit and matter are so thoroughly mixed you can’t have one without the other. How do we skillfully sacrifice love of the dream for love of awakening? How do we work with the dryness that can happen, the parched ache when there seems to be either too much matter or lack of spirit in our field of awareness? How do we use what is in the immediate picture as a means of remembrance? What do we pack or unpack on this journey? Let’s see if we can get some good travel advice as we meet on the next Journey to the Heart show this Thursday, May 2 at 6pm PST on GorebaggTV.


About gracekellyrivera

I am a perfumer and an artist of multiple disciplines located in California.
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