Sun, Wind, Influences

Sun, Wind, Influences

A favorite Aesop’s Fable I remember was of a contest between the Sun and the Wind. They decided to see which would be the first to remove the coat off of a man walking down a country road. The Wind tried first, and the Sun obligingly hid behind a cloud. The Wind blew and blew, but the harder it blew, the tighter around him the man drew his coat. Finally the Sun slid out from behind the cloud, and was simply radiant. The man loosened his coat, then took it off altogether.

This to me illustrates one difference between real emotion, of a higher emotional nature, and the moving instinctive reactions that we normally consider to be emotion. The wind used a moving force, while the sun was simply radiant. It is the nature of higher emotions to be radiant in quality. And of course this points to the participation of one’s central sun, at the heart. By contrast, the involvement of lots of physical manifestations will imply the presence of moving instinctive based feelings.

It is useful to have the kind of body awareness that notes tensions and repeated postures of tensions leading to behavior which is less than radiant. Posture does lead to mood, this is a big theater secret. Repeated postures especially of high tension will bring with them repeated experience of thought and sensation that defines our world.

After a long time of watching this sort of thing, clearing, creating an impartial space to witness, I find myself at a place of watching and catching influence. Influences like breezes, or strong winds, can blow through the clearing and play the instrument. Some influences are useful to my evolution, some are not. My location, vibration, frequency, focus of attention, many factors contribute to the kinds of influences I will attract. There are occult influences – like those that can occur from our dreams, for example. My wish is to work with influence consciously. Creating the quality of resonance that attracts desirable influences from an evolutionary standpoint requires intention, which in turn requires attention and will of presence. There are tools that help me in the creation of places of intention, such as aromatics, which I work with quite extensively in my work with the Perfumerie. (

It seems that the more clearing, the more the need for intention and vigilance. It can get windy. When misguided, people can target negative energy, even without clear intention, but with effect. There are a number of possible constructive responses to this and they all relate somehow to our heart work, our level of commitment to our evolution. We will be discussing this on the next Journey to the Heart show this Thursday, March 28 at 6pm PST on GorebaggTV/JustinTV.


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I am a perfumer and an artist of multiple disciplines located in California.
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