Catching Influences

Art is ego based at a bottom line – everything is, when ego is seen as a structure that is by its nature and intent a device for limiting, confining, so that the Creator may know Itself. By means of ego, through ego, the being can take a part of itself and objectify from it, examine the part to get to the whole. This is an understanding I have of theater, that no matter how many in the audience, there is only one being who has placed a part of itself on the stage in order to observe and know itself.

In the Tao te Ching it says that only by being lived by the Tao can we be truly ourselves. The quality of consciousness being pointed to here reminds me of a Rumi poem that talks about the King going hunting, and then becoming the field, the hunted, the hunter – being all and everything. This is transcendence of ego as we normally know it, reduced to the sheerest form of identity, just enough to witness the beauty of the diamond from our unique facet.

Repeated experience of this state, the sloughing of matrix, will offer the space and perspective to catch influences over time. When we can use the different art forms as tools to this end of producing space and perspective for our work, it is a wondrous thing. What I mean by catching influences is discerning from where a ‘movement’ is sourced, whether that be physical movement, or a movement of thought or impulse. Some influences decorate the prison wall of ego, some influences break those walls down. Through creative endeavors correctly done in the name of our evolutionary work we can experience these influences play out rather graphically at times. To evolve we need those influences that will tear down the walls of ego and better plug us to the energy source that can fuel our efforts to evolve, to free ourselves from the cultural mold. We have to paint ourselves into a corner, so to speak, to want freedom badly enough to reject those decorative medals of ego based honor we like to hang on our prison walls.

It is possible to change our taste for ego food to a taste for that which serves our work on self. We must engage the heart – passion will take us farther faster if we know how to use it. Given the right conditions, we can replace old habits with new habits that are more conducive to realizing our Work wish, our wish to evolve. There are some guidelines to inform us about those influences that are helpful to this process of changing habits, of making from ordinary activity something useful to our evolutionary work practice and we’ll take a look at some of these in this week’s Journey to the Heart Show at 6 pm PST Thursday, March 14 on JustinTV/GorebaggTV.


About gracekellyrivera

I am a perfumer and an artist of multiple disciplines located in California.
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