Love, The Clear Light, and Voluntary Evolution

Love, The Clear Light, and Voluntary Evolution

Human relationship is a classroom for working with the force of love. There is the potential of making love, here meant in the sense of consciously generating, refining, creating with the force of love, and for purifying the vessel through which it is expressed. To a shaman working with the force of love, it does not matter how the love manifests, so long as it is pure.

One can see the force inside the manifestation of love but sometimes not until the manifestation has changed. We all have had the experience of young love and burgeoning trust that turns, where we experience our first betrayal. There is no resurrection without betrayal, as the story of Jesus and Judas demonstrates. The form love has taken is betrayed and killed so that it can resurrect in a more refined state.

I work a lot with the “Angel’s Healing Journey” written by E.J. Gold. Let’s call the Clear Light the place of Absolute Love. In the unraveling of consciousness, the phantom reverberations of organic life will be consumed first in thoughts about the descending attributes away from the Clear Light. Thoughts of identity, fear, jealousy, self pity, hunger, and organic compulsions are associated with chambers the voyager must confront in the Bardos. At each point along the way there is the opportunity to bathe in cleansing radiations that will liberate. The further away from the Clear Light, the less the momentum one has toward liberation, and thus it gets harder. Still the possibility exists for freedom at any step along the way. After the thoughts go through the descending attributes, the vibratory descent moves into emotions about identity, fear, jealousy, etc., then apprehensions about these attributes, followed by significance, sensations, manifestations, and finally, reactions. We can watch this playing out in daily life.

Cleansing radiations are associated with brilliantly, blindingly bright colors. Simultaneous to the cleansing radiations inviting us toward liberation the smoky, duller colored lights of the lower worlds will present themselves. When we choose a path of comfort over struggle with our tendencies toward sleep, we train ourselves toward the lower worlds.

The image of a series of tableaux presents itself. Presently we as voyagers are “in” a segment of a tunnel – the tunnel of Love, the ride of a life time. We can view all the events and experiences of a lifetime as a series of frozen tableaux forming a tunnel through which the essential being, the voyager travels. One evolutionary aim is to turn this tunnel on – the human biological machine, its set, its setting. This we do with our developed attention, presence, and will. Moving toward the Clear Light, training oneself to recognize and move toward cleansing radiations is one way of developing attention, presence, and will toward voluntary evolution. We must be trained in using experience for the realization of the higher aim of evolution. At the same time, there is nothing to be “done.”

One way to view the path of voluntary evolution is as a series of very difficult experiences out of which one will emerge changed, having lost something that impedes the evolutionary movement, or gained a new subtle skill. When we have plugged into our evolutionary path, while we necessarily will not see the meaning of our ordeal as we are passing through it, there is a subtle sense, a faith that develops. To some degree it is necessary that we be fooled. Without identification, nothing can happen. We enter these tableaux, we derive significance, we fall in love, that is part of what we are on the planet to do. To evolve voluntarily will entail seeing where we have not used our lives intentionally, where our love of sleep has been greater than our love of love. We keep best record of that in the feeling center, as we file things by emotional significance. I can think of a couple of ways to get at those records.

One is by confronting the veil of Jealousy. Rumi seems to have considered Jealousy the heart’s chief tendency away from Love.The fourth chamber of each level of descent, or halls, as they are known in the Angel’s Healing Journey, have green as the cleansing radiation color to clear the thoughts, emotions, apprehensions, significance, manifestations, and reactions of jealousy. Green is the color which is also associated with the Fourth Chakra, the feeling center, otherwise known as the Heart Chakra. Jealousy is a key way we have of creating the negative emotion that keeps us in sleep.

The other way to look into the heart is by asking where we have not forgiven – ourselves, others, God, the universe. Jealousy and Forgiveness have a relationship worth exploring and we will do so on the next Journey to the Heart show which will not be this Thursday, due to the scheduled Valentine’s Day workshop. We will resume again on Thursday, February 21. In the meanwhile, look for another blog post coming soon offering some thoughts about Jealousy, Forgiveness, Trust, and other things we will encounter as we clear a path on our Journey to the Heart.


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One Response to Love, The Clear Light, and Voluntary Evolution

  1. muspelspark says:

    Thanks Kelly!

    I will really look for the things you mentioned in my life, and see how they show up.
    So many things to consider having to do with jealousy and lack of forgiveness.


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