Journey to the Heart

Journey to the Heart

A favorite prayer: “Oh my Sustainer, cause me to enter whatever I do in a manner true and sincere. And cause me to finish whatever I do in a manner true and sincere. And grant me power from you to sustain me.”

And so I pray, embarking on this “Journey to the Heart” venture, an online show I will be hosting on GorebaggTV. The heart is the secret of secrets, as Rumi has indicated. Why even speak of it at all? Any talk of the heart is really a talk of veils – some talk veils, some talk lifts veils. Both are necessary. We need darkness and light source, both, for our journey to take form.

The call to do this show feels like a response to the activation of heart intelligence. Recent lessons in discernment have caused a particular quality of awareness centered in the heart to stand out in high relief. The discerning faculty that puts one in loose touch with the soul’s movement is what I am calling heart intelligence. Not a calculating intelligence, rather it disarms calculation to the advantage of its own refinement. I am reminded of the term Baraka. Baraka is both a blessing and a curse – the calling to evolve, the Lover galvanized to be with the Beloved. Evolution of this nature is for the purpose of service. Heart intelligence discerns that which serves the aim of evolution, it is a function of true conscience.

Heart intelligence is what helps me discern love the force from the medium through which it manifests. When one develops a relationship with love itself all other relationships are mediums through which it is made apparent. Some mediums are so conducive, one can see love as the raw substantive force it is. As controllable as lightning, bringing one to one’s knees, which is often precisely the point. At a place of surrender, one’s life can become a prayer.

It takes a lot of heartbreak to get to the place of discerning love the force from its medium and thus know a relationship to love itself. Like so much else on the evolutionary path, it is a reductive process. One removes the veils that block the central sun. My deepest wish to serve has been revealed through heartbreak. Seems one must kiss a lot of frogs before meeting the King. But the one who sees the compassion behind heartbreak grows with each hide and seek game played. It really is a question of how the game is played, particularly at the point of revelation, where the illusion drops away and one is exposed. Too much momentum in the direction of self importance, one’s habits are apt to move toward the substantiation of the veil with a vengeance.

May this new venture on GorebaggTV lead away from self importance, reflecting heart intelligence and the guidance that is compassionate. Consider this an experiment, as I do. The more I live, the more sense uncertainty makes. I don’t yet know the first show’s topic. The show will air Thursdays at six pm pst on GorebaggTV/ Justin TV. Starting February 7. Dear reader if you have a thought or idea about our first topic, please speak now but don’t forever hold your peace, spread it, lavish it over everything.


About gracekellyrivera

I am a perfumer and an artist of multiple disciplines located in California.
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